About Us

About Us

As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live!” Pope John Paul II, Patron Saint of Famille Espérance

Famille Espérance is a faith-based organization with a membership based approach. Its members are those who have signed and adopted its statutes, and who are committed to following its mission, vision, objectives, and core values. Its members are the primary beneficiaries of the organization’s programmes and services.

However, Famille Espérance also welcomes other interested persons who share its values and mission, and whose needs align with the organization’s areas of intervention. These individuals can benefit from Famille Espérance’s services and support, provided they adhere to the organization’s principles and requirements. Overall, Famille Espérance aims to foster a sense of community and solidarity among its members and beneficiaries, with focus on promoting strong, health, and harmonious families based on christian values.

FAES Programmes

  • Monthly debate-workshops and group discussions of family mentors;
  • Long retreats of families to share experiences and testimonies with the aim of family strengthening and learning;
  • Quarterly meetings with external stakeholders for capacity building of FAES members;
  • Annual retreats of FAES members to strengthen their spiritual life so that they can sanctify themselves to better sanctify the entire community they serve;
  • Organizing trainings and conferences per categories of FAES beneficiaries including Couples (Abadatana), Single Parents (Abeza b’Imana), Divorced (Abakundwa b’Imana) Youth and Young Adults (Urumuri), and Children (Abatoni b’Imana);
  • Conducting a 10 months Iwacu mu rugo Online Cultural and Spiritual Education Programme of Women (Ikibasumba) and Men (Rudasumbwa) (separately per each category);
  • Organizing the 6 months marriage preparation session of brides and bridegrooms (Abadasigana) about to get married;
  • Follow up of couples in disputes/conflicts through conflict management and reconciliation;
  • Sharing prayers and life experience within small brotherhood groups;
  • Mobilizing contributions from FAES members to fund and manage the account “Mugore Ntukababare”, the financial account which supports vulnerable women registered in FAES educational programmes to cover their basic needs;
  • Payment of Health Insurance for vulnerable families.
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